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  • The exciting Xbox One Wireless Controller from Microsoft will drastically redefine your gaming experience with its innovative technologies. The new Impulse Triggers on board this controller will take you right on the battlefield or the racetrack with pinpoint vibration response and feedback. You will now receive greater response to directional and sweeping movements from the game with the newly designed D Pad. The thumbsticks on this controller have been modified for better grip, and the triggers and bumpers are now more accessible. Even the grips and contours on this black controller have been redesigned to offer more comfort when playing for long hours. With the batteries now placed inside the controller body, you can grip it even more easily.
  • With the Impulse Triggers you will now be able to live the game, rather than just play it. The new advanced vibration motors in these controllers provide extremely accurate feedback to your fingertips, making all those hits and crashes seem real.
  • The new D Pad provides great response to directional as well as sweeping movements. The thumbsticks have been slightly modified to provide a better grip and precise movement. The ergonomically placed triggers and bumpers can now be accessed quite easily and quickly.
  • The contours and grips on this Xbox controller have been redesigned to offer a snug fir to hands of all sizes. You can now grip the controller in a much better way, as the batteries are now accommodated inside the main body.


USB Port
Micro USB
Color Black
Battery Charging Time
Fully charged in less than 4 hours

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