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A new coat of Gold for that all-classic feel

Aluminum alloy sound chamber
Diamond cut for precision

All-metal sound chamber with movable piston design 
is produced with high-precision lathe machines. 
Sturdy structure of the sound chamber effectively reduces
undesirable chamber resonance that compromises sound 
quality, delivering superior bass performance.

Metal composite diaphragm, 
made for the high quality audio systems

Metal composite diaphragm has the apparent advantage in sound transmission and is made for the high quality audio systems. The metal-coated layer of the diaphragm is faster in high frequency transmission which provides multiple details. The whole diaphragm presents excellent performance including powerful bass and stability of sound.

Metal composite diaphragms vs. conventional diaphragms

  • Metal composite diaphragms (Mi In-Ear Headphones)
  • Titanium alloy diaphragms (used in typical high-end headphones)
  • Aluminum alloy diaphragms (used in mainstream headphones)
Harder diaphragms provide better audio restoration
Transmission Speed
Faster transmission speed reduces audio loss
Heavier diaphragms produce more sound distortion

New dual damping system for purer sound quality

Sound waves produced by the diaphragm are reflected by the wall of the sound chamber back on to the diaphragm, 
interfering with sound restoration in the headphones. The new dual damping system in Mi In-Ear Headphones disperses 
the reflected sound waves and reduces their effects on the diaphragm, giving you a purer audio experience.

Mi In-Ear Headphones
Headphones without dual damping system

The ultimate sound revolution

Everyone deserves access to high-quality audio experience and Xiaomi is committed to making that access a reality.

No breaks and tangles with Kevlar fibers

Kevlar fibers within the cable can reduce tangles, resist breaks, and enhance durability.

Kevlar fiber
Kevlar fiber
TPE cover
Braided wire cover

Classic gift packaging

Headphones come in an eco-friendly packaging and includes a gift box containing three sets
of interchangeable ear buds and a customized cable organizer.

Gift box and cable organizer
Interchangeable ear buds in S / M / L sizes

Volume control buttons and in-built mic

Listen to voice calls with clarity, thanks to interference-reduction technology 
in the in-built microphone. Fully compatible with most Android devices. 
*Volume up/down functions not supported on iOS devices.

Increase volume      Mic      Decrease volume
For calls: Short press to answer.   Press again to mute.   Long press to decline/hang up.   For music: Press pause/play.
Press once: pause/ play.   Press twice: next.   Press three times: previous.

The MIUI system supports customized headphone buttons.

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