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  • Package Contents:2 pcs arm eletrodes,1 abdominal eletrode,3pcs host,1 MANUAL
  • Colour:Black
  • Material:Other
  • Mode of Operation:Battery Operated
  • Other Information:EMS Fit Boot Toning Muscle Trainer Stimulator Mobile-Gym 6 pack EMS Type:Slimming Belt
  • Size:ONE SIZE
  • Integrated Smart Chip Great Function adopt the EMS Micro - Electronic, AIC Artifical intellegencee chip, ICS Smart Control Techniques
  • Low Energy Consumption design brings long Life comfortable experience
  • 6 Simulation Modes, 10 Grades intensity to match your daily life requirement
  • Gives quick results and it will be feeling compact in first use


Six packs made easy with our muscle stimulator which helps in toning of muscles much faster.

Reasons that make this product special for building abs and toning of muscles:

1. This product works at low frequency with special electric signals  with regular rhythm of start and stop. This rhyrhm provides impetus on body to stimulate muscles and helps in making muscles toned. The softness of low frequency gives the same effect like massage by a human hand.

2.Product offers 6 modes with simple operation to suit your needs as per your requirement.

3.Product will cut off power automatically after 12 minutes to stop when you forget to switch it off. So you can relax stress free without worrying about switching the product off.

Process for Operation:

1.Take out the equipment from the case.

2.Place gel pads at desired area of the body.

3.Please push switch to switch power on.

4.Choose the mode

5. Adjust output level.

6. Working time is 12 minutes per session.

7.To switch it off earlier, push  "OFF" button until lamp/light is off

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