Popcorn & Candy Maker

Popcorn is becoming a popular snack in it's own right, not just limited to the cinema or fairgrounds of old.You don't have to own a cinema or playhouse to offer popcorn, it's just as popular in almost all establishments, And If you love cotton candy, you can purchase a counter-top machine to make the confection at home, Bring the carnival into your kitchen and enjoy cotton candy in any flavor you want, any time you want.The Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker transforms your favorite hard candy into deliciously fluffy cotton candy!

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He-House Cotton candy maker - HE-9008
He-House Popcorn MakerMake candy floss at homefun and exciting to makeMake a healthy and tasty snack..
He-House Popcorn Maker - HE-6007-PBL
He-House Popcorn MakerPopcorn made by hot airA healthy and tasty snack for the whole familyEasy to m..
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